9L Stationary oxygen concentrator

9L Stationary oxygen concentrator

Invacare’s 9L oxygen concentrator for high-flow delivery 

The ongoing developments in the field of respiratory care and oxygen therapy not only allow users to receive treatment at home or on the go, but also bring this convenience to users with high flow needs. 

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These devices bring a continuous supply of high-flow oxygen to users in higher concentrations than they can intake through breathing regular air alone. Known as oxygen therapy, this form of treatment is especially important and necessary for a variety of conditions and is, of course, administered under the guidance of a physician. The amount of oxygen needed is also on a case-by-case basis, and we offer a range of solutions that serve a variety of needs and situations. 

These devices bring confidence to users that they can be self-sufficient when it comes to receiving their oxygen therapy. The concentrators are compatible with systems, add-ons and accessories that can take the performance of these devices to an even higher level. 

To serve this need, we offer a 9L oxygen concentrator, which was developed as a result of our expertise in the field that spans over several decades. 

User-friendly high-flow 9L oxygen concentrator 

Our 9L high flow oxygen concentrator lets users reduce their costs associated with oxygen therapy. This device is a reliable solution for users who need a high flow of high-quality oxygen. The concentrator features innovative technologies, which makes it very cost-friendly when it comes to maintenance and delivery. 

Users can have peace of mind when using this model thanks to its safety features, like the series of integrated alarms that set off in case the device doesn’t perform as intended. The device’s filter is also easy to access without the need for tools, through a side door. 

This 9L high-performing concentrator can provide a high flow of oxygen with a purity of up to 96%. At the same time, the device is user-friendly and allows users to receive their therapy in the comfort of their homes. 

In addition, the concentrator is compatible with the HomeFill compressor system, which provides an unlimited supply of ambulatory-grade oxygen for filling lightweight oxygen cylinders. The HomeFill system is safe and straightforward to use and eliminates the delivery costs of having oxygen provided by a supplier. 

The system can serve a variety of users thanks to a range of available accessories. Among them are different-sized cannulas, tubing and connectors, and accessories for humidifiers.