Oxygen accessories

Oxygen accessories

An assortment of oxygen accessories for our award-winning respiratory products

Oxygen therapy has come a long way in its development and the way it is administered to patients. Breakthrough innovations in technology allow those who need such treatment to keep on with their day-to-day life with minimal interference. 

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Therapeutic devices are getting lighter, more compact, and more user-friendly, thereby allowing those who need it to get treatment on the go and in the convenience of their homes. Those who need to receive such therapy in a care facility, and their carers, also benefit from these breakthroughs which make administration convenient and hassle-free. 

Invacare offers a range of award-winning respiratory products which fit a broad range of needs. A‌ variety of portable and stationary oxygen concentrators, compressors and other therapeutic products for home and care facility use are available. The functions of these products can be further enhanced thanks to our wide assortment of accessories. 

These accessories bring convenience to users who need oxygen therapy and allow them to live an active lifestyle. In addition, care facilities can also benefit from our oxygen therapy accessories to provide more comfort to their patients. Our range of tubing and canulae allow carers and users to choose the best fit when it comes to providing access between the therapeutic devices and patients, and to better adapt therapy to individual needs. 

A variety of configurations is possible thanks to Invacare’s family of oxygen accessories

Invacare’s oxygen accessories offer a range of tested and certified solutions for stationary and ambulatory use. 

An assortment of cannulae and oxygen tubing of different sizes is available. The assortment of cannulae means there’s a solution for different types of patients, including paediatric and infant users, as well as a variety of adult options, such as micro nasal cannula and quiet nasal cannula, in addition to the standard models. 

We also provide a wide range of connectors. Apart from the standard and universal connectors, we also offer clip-on connectors, condensation connectors and revolving connectors. The clip-on model also comes in an option for sensitive skin. 

Humidifier support and other humidifier accessories are also available. 

The range of accessories is completed by a paediatric flowmeter and oxygen analyser, which allow for a precise administration of oxygen. The oxygen analyser is an ideal instrument for technicians as it gives access to all the operating parameters necessary for conducting checks on oxygen concentrators.