Oxygen compressor and oxygen bottles

Oxygen compressor and oxygen bottles

Our oxygen compressor allows users to receive therapy on the go

What can users do if they need oxygen therapy but would like to maintain an active lifestyle? With our oxygen compressor and cylinder system, people who require oxygen therapy can do precisely that. 

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The compressor utilises Invacare’s breakthrough innovations in the area of respiratory care, allowing users to replenish the cylinders at home, with a simple combination between the compressor and the stationary concentrator. 

Our expertise in the field of respiratory care comes from decades of research and innovation. Invacare’s oxygen therapy devices are built to adapt to a variety of needs and environment, taking care to provide users with a safe and autonomous way of receiving therapy. 

Reliable, portable, and easy-to-use oxygen compressor system

Our oxygen compressor system brings together innovation and practicality, resulting in a device that allows users to maintain their desired lifestyle while receiving oxygen therapy. The system is portable, safe and straightforward to use, allowing unlimited ambulatory-grade oxygen cylinders to be replenished at home whenever needed, saving on the costs associated with oxygen delivered by suppliers. 

The system is a cornerstone in the development of personal oxygen compressor as users can refill it whenever they need to in the comfort of their homes. A multi-stage pump compresses oxygen from concentrators into oxygen cylinders, providing users with a reliable delivery of oxygen. 

Thanks to the cylinder’s portability, users can take it anywhere they go in a convenient, lightweight bag.  

The conserver is adjustable to user requirements, allowing a dosage equivalent from 1 to 5 L/min. The refilling happens safely and conveniently thanks to the OxyLock coupling system, which takes only two steps for the refill process to begin. After refilling, the device switches off automatically, eliminating the danger of mishandling by the user. 

An assortment of add-ons and accessories are available for the system. For example, the system is compatible with the Platinum 9 for high flow patients. A range of lightweight cylinders is also on offer. Users can also pick from a variety of cannulas, tubings and connectors, that allow the system to adapt to individual needs and preferences.