Invacare Unique

Invacare unique

For more than 130 years Invacare has been designing and building innovative home and long-term care medical products that promote recovery and living an active lifestyle. During this time we have worked with thousands of individuals, responding to their different challenges and helping them to improve their quality of life through our quality products. Based on passion and care, Invacare Unique is a specialised service that provides expertise in customising products to cater for individual needs. Whether you have a more traditional requirement like longer armrests, wider seats or customised controls; or if you have something more bespoke in mind like a hot pink frame, our team has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to deliver a unique product that meets your specifications.
Our dedicated team of qualified specialists and engineers will assess every new request. This process can take anywhere from a few minutes (i.e. a new colour), to several weeks when there are more complicated modifications to be made.

We offer three levels of service based on complexity;

Level 1:

Direct order - our most simple service. When you submit your completed order form for the requested wheelchair, you add the part number to the special comments section and we’ll take care of the rest. Our quotation times for this level are:

  • First response in 2 days, quote in 4 days. 
  • Extra lead time, on average, 1 week

Level 2:

Our ‘On Demand’ service - usually requires some additional information. We will ask you to specify the seat width/depth or a special dedicated colour (providing a RAL reference). Our quotation times for this level are:

First response in 2 days, quote in 1 week.

Extra lead time, on average, 2 weeks.


Level 3:

Our 'Custom Made' service requires further investigation into the technical implications of modifications, resulting in us carrying out a full risk assessment. You will have to fill a detailed information form and attach it to your request. It will also require pictures or drawings of your specific requirements, as the more information our team has, the better they can design and deliver your chair. Our quotation times for this level are:

First response in 2 days, quote in 2 weeks.

Extra lead time, on average, 3 weeks.


Contact your local Invacare Sales office here to find out more.