Hip Belts - HB435

Posture care is of utmost importance for wheelchair users, be it during short-term or all-day-long wheelchair use. We at Invacare offer the Bodypoint family of top-quality belts, harnesses, and Ankle Huggers. These products are built with breakthrough materials to provide a great fit, comfort, and support. They keep the body secure and aligned correctly in the chair. The range of solutions adapts to a variety of user needs, with a rich assortment of solutions, options, and additional mounting hardware.

The Invacare Hip Belts HB435 hip belt features two sets of secondary straps which provide extra support for keeping the user’s pelvis in place. The additional anchor points prevent misalignment and slippage and ensure security even during more intense thrusts with the wheelchair. In addition, the Hip Belt HB435 features stiffened primary straps which helps with fastening the belt and provides for a clutter-free use during transfers. The stiffened straps also stay away from the wheels.

The HB405’s 38 cm pads are filled with closed-cell foam which is covered with durable CORDURA‌ webbing. The edges of the webbing are bound with a proprietary technology which eliminates wrinkles for a skin-friendly performance. The combination of breakthrough technologies and the rigorous tests that this product has passed ensure that users get a top-quality hip belt that’s compliant with many standards including ISO, ANSI/RESNA and EN.

  • Two sets of straps: two sets of straps for extra-secure positioning in the chair.
  • Stiffened straps: stiffened straps for easier fastening and no entangling in the wheels.
  • Comfort: closed-cell foam padding and proprietary edge binding for a smooth transition between padding and cover webbing.
  • Safety: thoroughly tested to ensure that it fulfils a range of standards for quality and safety.
  • Durability: made of durable materials that provide for the product’s long life even with extensive use.
  • Hygiene: made of grime-resistant materials, machine-washable and dryable.
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