Top End XLT Junior sport wheelchair

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As the Top End XLT, Top End XLT junior is a perfect hand-cycle designed basically for recreational purposes. This amazing handcyles also ensures great fun to users, mostly for junior users. It is equipped with great features that meet the needs of young users and more. It has a low maintenance 7-speed hub with reverse hands-on braking. Also packed with a tall and narrow back for maximum range of motion and increased power transfer.  

The Invacare Top End XLT junior is built with performance in mind. It is perfect for handcycling beginners or the competitive cyclists who want to build a lean, mean racing machine tailored to their exact needs.  

benefit|Product 2005 033.jpg|Sport wheelchair Top End XLT Junior yellow frame
benefit|Product 2005 033.jpg|Sport wheelchair Top End XLT Junior yellow frame
benefit|Product 2005 033.jpg|Sport wheelchair Top End XLT Junior yellow frame

Top End XLT junior provides you with a great way to cross-train, exercise, or just have fun. Some key features of the Top End XLT junior include the following: 

  • Adjustable seat, back angle, and height crank: This offers maximum comfort and ensures that you get the perfect fit. 

  • Versatile wheels and tires: it is available with 26” high-performance wheels and high-pressure clincher tyres, 24” cruiser wheels with cruiser tyres or 24” off-road wheels and knobby tyres for easy riding on any terrain. 

  • Seven-speed hubs: With the seven speeds, the Invacare Top End XLT Junior handles most terrain with ease – whether you are having a cruise around town or taking a spin in the country. 

  • Light weight 6061T6 oval tube aluminum frame with 4130 chrome-moly fork: This feature gives you maximum stiffness, delivers you controlled turning, easy cornering, and stability. 

  • Comes in 21 exciting colours: It comes in 21 different colors to give users a wide range of options to pick from for maximum satisfaction. 

  • Safety options: Top End XLT Junior comes with a lot of safety measures, which includes: reflectors, chain guard and seat restraint with hook and loop fastener, mirror, safety flag, helmet, safety lights, leg guard, etc., for your maximum protection.

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