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Alber wheelchair power pack

Alber wheelchair power pack

Wheelchair power packs and add-ons for assisted mobility and flexibility

Our Alber family of add-ons presents a range of solutions that aid manual wheelchair users and their carers.  Our wheelchair power packs and assist add-ons provide essential aid in a variety of circumstances.

Alber Erivo power wheelchair

Introducing our latest lightweight and foldable power wheelchair - Alber erivo. The extremely compact design makes your daily activities and travelling easy. Enjoy your...

via GO power pack

The powerful, easy-to-use push aid for wheelchairs.

There are times when even a poor pavement surface or a slight incline can become an insurmountable obstacle for everyday tasks...

e-motion DuoDrive

With the e-motion DuoDrive, you have the option of covering longer distances without pushing on the push rim in Cruise Mode. You only have to steer via the push rims, the drive...

cover_main|RS19892_EMOTION CV14.jpg|e-motion M25 wheelchair power pack

e-motion M25 wheelchair power pack

The e-motion is designed to provide a simple solution and provide power assistance for your everyday life. The drive wheels by Alber can combine perfectly with almost any...

cover_main|RS4571_TWION CV21.jpg|twion wheelchair power pack

twion wheelchair power pack

The Alber twion electric-assist offers freedom and independence. The motorization is equipped with high-performance engines and electronics, giving you more power every time you...

SMOOV 010 wheelchair power pack - Alber

SMOOV 010 wheelchair power pack

SMOOV One is an electric power-assist drive unit for active wheelchairs, specially designed to increase the user’s mobility. It attaches easily to an active wheelchair, and it...

cover_main|EPILOT CV13.jpg|e-pilot P15 wheelchair power pack

e-pilot P15 wheelchair power pack

The e-pilot electric power assist drive unit by Alber is specially designed to provide an environmentally friendly mobility alternative with maximum driving pleasure. This device...

cover_main|RS9599_EFIX-CV35.jpg|e-fix 35/36  wheelchair power pack

e-fix wheelchair power pack

The Alber e-fix is simply the perfect companion for your journeys. Thanks to its compact and lightweight design, the wheelchair power pack unit drive offers the best...

cover_main|SCALAMOBIL CV02.jpg|scalamobil S35 stairclimber

scalamobil S35 stairclimber

Are you looking for a powerful mobility device that can combine perfectly with your wheelchair? scalamobil S35 stairclimber is an outstanding mobility device that blends perfectly...

cover_main|SCALACOMBI OF01.jpg|scalacombi S36 stairclimber

scalacombi S36 stairclimber

scalacombi S36 stairclimber by Alber is expressly made to provide safety and comfort for the wheelchair user and the accompanying person. It is simply the mobility device that can...

cover_main|VIAMOBIL CV06.jpg|viamobil V25 wheelchair power pack

viamobil V25 wheelchair power pack

viamobil wheelchair power pack ultimately made to enhance the mobility of your wheelchair.  This is made possible via adding an electric driving assistance device to your existing...

cover_main|VIAMOBIL ECO CV02.jpg|viamobil eco wheelchair power pack

viamobil eco wheelchair power pack

viamobil eco by Alber is built with distinct features to ensure excellent functionality. With the viamobil eco, pushing and braking your folding wheelchair can be done easily...

cover_main|VIAPLUS CV13.jpg|viaplus V12 wheelchair power pack

viaplus V12 wheelchair power pack

The viaplus V12 by Alber is specially made to provide comfort to users while also relieving the carer the task of pushing always. Pushing could sometimes appear to be a difficult...

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Whether it is to relieve fatigue from the hands during manual propulsion, to turn a manual wheelchair into an electric one, or to get extra thrust or brake assistance when on a hilled terrain, these devices bring increased mobility and flexibility for wheelchair users and those who care for them.

We also offer stair-climbing aids that take out the challenge of climbing stairs for both wheelchair users and people with limited mobility.

To facilitate ease of use, the electric stair-climbing aid, pushing wheelchairs, automatic braking function, drive wheels, battery packs and joystick controllers can all be removed in seconds and are easy to transport!

An assortment of functionality with the Alber family of manual wheelchair add-ons

Our range of power assists for wheelchairs consists of three main types of product, depending on need and who is operating the chair. We offer solutions for both wheelchair users and their carers.

Our SMOOV One, E-MOTION 25, E-FIX E35/E36, TWION T24 and E-PILOT P15 are add-ons that assist wheelchair users in propelling themselves. Some of these devices are in the form of power packs that feature battery-operated drive wheels, while others attach to or replace the wheelchair’s rear wheels. These add-ons differ in the level of assistance they provide, which range from partial aid during manual propulsion to autonomic electric drive. The E-PILOT P15 model turns compatible manual wheelchairs into an electric mobility scooter with a range of up to 50 km on a single charge.

We also offer power assist add-ons that make it easier for carers to operate the wheelchair. The VIAMOBIL V25, VIAMOBIL ECO V14 and VIAPLUS V12 are push and brake power pack aids that provide easier and safer operation of the chair. These devices are an excellent solution for elderly carers and those who find it hard to push a wheelchair, and also provide aid and safety in sloped terrains.

One of the most challenging things for people with decreased mobility is climbing up and down a flight of stairs. Our Alber range of attendant operated stairclimbing devices offers solutions for that too. The SCALACOMBI and SCALAMOBIL models cater to both wheelchair users and those who don’t need a wheelchair but have trouble climbing stairs. Some of the stairlifts attach to wheelchairs while others are stand-alone units with an integrated seat. In both cases, thanks to these stair-climbing aids, stairs are no longer an obstacle.

The idea behind a power assist add-on is to facilitate easier and comfortable mobility, which is why we’ve also thought about the weight of these devices. To ensure that our electric assistance will bring convenience without adding nuisance, we’ve made them with lightweight but durable materials that bring controlled weight and longevity.

What’s more, our user-propelled wheelchair power assists are compatible with the optional available Alber’s Mobility App, which brings a variety of features, including speed control, useful stats and a navigation system.