Electric mobility scooter

Electric mobility scooter

Reliable Rides With Invacare's Power Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters

Wouldn’t it be great to reach your destinations without having to propel yourself manually? With Invacare’s family of power wheelchairs and mobility scooters, you can. These devices are designed to meet a variety of needs and circumstances, suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. 

cover_main|ORION-METRO-CV28.jpg|Invacare Orion Metro mobility scooter

Orion is a mobility scooter equipped with several features to make each trip exciting for users. Orion Metro by Invacare has been designed from the ground up to focus on key...

cover_main|ORION-PRO-CV38.jpg|Invacare Orion Pro mobility scooter

The Invacare Orion Pro is equipped with outstanding features that ensure enhanced performance. This mobility scooter is a powerful upgrade to the Orion Metro model. Orion Pro comes...

cover_main|LEO-CV10.jpg|Invacare Leo mobility scooter

The Invacare Leo is a safe and secure mobility scooter, specially designed for individuals with great desire for independence and wish to get out and about single-handedly. It is...

cover_main|compet-pro.jpg|Invacare Comet Pro mobility scooter

Comet Pro is your perfect mobility scooter for taking trips into town, popping to the local shops, and many more. Anywhere you want to go; the Invacare Comet Pro is designed with...

CETUS main product image

The Invacare Cetus scooter has been specifically designed to offer a durable, premium product for those who desire complete independence to travel further afield. With high...

cover_main|COMET-ULTRA-CV15.jpg|Invacare Comet Ultra mobility scooter

The Invacare Comet Ultra mobility scooter is designed to provide a secure, supportive, and powerful driving experience to users. It is highly equipped with all of the safety and...

cover_main|COLIBRI-CV05.jpg|Invacare Colibri mobility scooter

The Invacare Colibri is specially designed to be the best companion for users. Colibri is a stylish, simple, and colourful micro lightweight mobility scooter, made for people who...

Scorpius A mobility scooter

The Invacare Scorpius-A has been specifically designed for individuals who wish to maintain an active, independent lifestyle without compromising on space. Ideal for daily use, the...

Scorpius image 1


The Invacare Scorpius has been specifically designed for individuals who wish to maintain an active, independent lifestyle without compromising on space. Ideal for daily use, the...

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Using cutting-edge technology, our electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters offer intuitiveness, ease of use and comfort. A‌ powerful and quiet motor, a long-lasting battery pack, and a four-way adjustable seating, ensures quick and comfortable mobility even at longer distances. A range of accessories and add-ons allow for high customisability and personalisation. 

Whether it is to avoid muscle fatigue or due to mobility impairments in the upper extremities (arguable with scooters), Invacare’s motorised wheelchairs and scooters will provide a solution for your needs. Our family of powered mobility devices is also suitable for disabled children, senior users and people with larger body shapes. 

Cutting-Edge Technology in Invacare's Motorised Wheelchairs and Electric Mobility Scooters

The freedom of movement that our electric mobility devices offer comes with a variety of perks. 

Be it for indoor or outdoor use, Invacare’s family of electric wheelchairs caters to any situation. The G50 outdoor power wheelchair provides excellent performance even on sloped and uneven terrains. The Pronto Air Personal Transporter brings to users, powerful indoor use in a compact and easy to transport device. A rich range of outdoor/indoor motorised wheelchairs lets users smoothly switch between indoor and outdoor environments. 

Our insightful LiNX‌‌ control system brings a superior driving experience and allows for high customisability in an intuitive interface. The system features wireless connectivity and touch display for optimal use, even by users with limited mobility. A‌ selection of add-on controls caters to the needs of users with a variety of cognitive and mobility-related impairments. A G-trac® trajectory correction feature 'communicates'‌ with the LiNX‌ navigation system, to ensure the chair precisely follows the user’s directions. 

The Alber family of add-on kits can turn a broad range of manual wheelchairs into powered mobility devices. PE-motion add-ons lets users choose between complete or partial power assist. The e-pilot device turns manual wheelchairs into sporty vehicles. A push and break aid allows for safe use of the chair even on steeper terrains. You can check out the full range of our add-on kits on the Alber sub-category page. 

We also offer a line of electric scooters, which are ideal for seniors and people with disabilities who need a reliable motorised mobility device. Invacare’s disability scooters are designed to work equally well indoors and outdoors, bringing users a safe, comfortable and highly manoeuvrable ride. 

Ergonomic handlebars, padded seats and quality suspensions* care for the user’s comfort (*except for Colibri, please check with the sales brochure for the details). Powerful motors and long-lasting batteries ensure a smooth ride even on varied terrain. The diverse selection of mobility scooter models serves a range of users, with a bariatric model that can carry a user up to 220 kg.