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Outdoor / Indoor wheelchair

Outdoor / Indoor wheelchair

Our outdoor/indoor electric wheelchairs bring independence in a variety of settings

With our outdoor/indoor electric wheelchairs, users can enjoy independence and comfort in a variety of settings, both indoor and outdoor. They are ideal for people who need a reliable, comfortable and advanced device that can be a trusty partner in their daily activities. These mobility aids are equipped with innovative features and come in a range of options, to ensure that the family of products caters to varied needs. 

cover_main|tdx-sp2-2200x2200.jpg|Invacare TDX SP2 power wheelchair

Invacare TDX SP2 power wheelchair

TDX SP2 comes equipped with excellent features that make it function effectively. TDX SP2 by Invacare boasts of durability and ultimate performance in a modern, contemporary style...

cover_main|tdx-sp2-2200x2200.jpg|Invacare TDX SP2 NB power wheelchair

Invacare TDX SP2 NB power wheelchair

TDX SP2 NB is stylish and durable powerchair with excellent performance. It is packed with a wide range of seating options for optimum comfort and support. This makes the TDX SP2...

cover_main|STORM4 CV05.jpg|Invacare Storm 4 power wheelchair

Invacare Storm 4 power wheelchair

When it comes to high configurability, adaptability, and functionality in a powerchair, the Invacare Storm4 powerchair is simply unbeatable. This power wheelchair is specially...

cover_main|STORM4-XPLORE-CV06.jpg|Invacare Storm 4 Xplore power wheelchair

Invacare Storm 4 X-plore power wheelchair

Looking for the perfect powerchair for all terrains? Storm4 X-plore by Invacare is just what you need.  Storm4 X-plore is designed with a four-wheel suspension – increases shock...

cover_main|STO4MAX_CV01_BW.jpg|Invacare Storm 4 Max power wheelchair

Invacare Storm 4 Max power wheelchair

The Invacare Storm 4 Max is the best powerchair for users with larger body shapes. It is specially designed to meet the various needs of clients with larger body shapes. It comes...

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Electric wheelchairs featuring top-notch technology

Among the best features of our indoor/outdoor electric mobility aids is the LiNX control system. Innovative and smart technology is integrated within the control hub for an insightful and superb driving experience. A‌ touch screen remote, remote selection and a range of specialist controls allow for great adaptability and excellent usability. The variety of configurations and accessories cater to a wide range of user situations, including the head array options which enable operability with head movements. 

The Ultra Low Maxx is our innovative seating system that comes with some of our outdoor/indoor electric wheelchairs. The system allows for customised positioning of the body with a combined range of up to 50° tilt and 170° of recline and varying width and depth options. In addition, the Extended Shear Reduction mechanism reduces shear, which is a risk factor for suffering from tissue breakdown. 

Having limited mobility doesn’t mean users can’t maintain their independence when exploring the outdoors. Our family of indoor/outdoor electric mobility devices offers a solution that provides excellent performance on rougher terrains. A‌ 4-wheel suspension and increased shock absorption cater to the usability of the model on uneven ground. With plenty of adjustability and customisation options, the model also offers great comfort and a tailored fit for the user. 

Larger users are also cared for as we offer a solution for people with larger body shapes. The solution features a longer chassis which provides optimal weight distribution and swift mobility. The reinforced arm and legrests provide sturdy support for users when they need to reposition their body or push back on the wheelchair. 

We also offer a 6-wheel model that provides excellent durability and performance for indoor and outdoor use. The product is ideal for users who require maximum stability and safety. It comes packed with breakthrough functions for a smooth ride and intuitive, user-friendly handling. This model is also suitable for heavier users. 

This robust and manoeuvrable mobility aid powered by potent motors ensures an enjoyable ride on varied terrain

The Invacare G50 provides a great range of outdoor mobility thanks to its powerful motors and potent battery. The internal mechanics of this electric outdoor wheelchairs allow it to conquer slopes and other obstacles, and provide it with a small turning radius for optimum manoeuvrability. 

To ensure a smooth ride even in rougher terrains, this outdoor wheelchairs is equipped with a robust 4-wheel-suspension and sturdy tyres for an excellent grip on all surfaces. The adjustable springs on the front and the rear allow for tailored comfort and level of shock absorption. 

One of the great features of this model is the variety of its seating systems. The chair comes with four seating options allowing users to pick between easy cleaning and water-resistant covers, and seats for optimum comfort and posture support. The seat tilt can be adjusted in steps or electrically. An assortment of legrests makes for an even better fit to user’s preferences. 

The wheelchairs’s safety is of vital importance which is why this device features light functions that are compliant with European regulations. 

The G50 is exceptionally easy to service thanks to a mechanism that allows the entire seat to be lifted. This reveals the whole compartment that stores the device’s mechanics and electronics. The seat can also be partially lifted up for visual inspections of the batteries and the fuse.