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Power chair control

Power chair control

Invacare’s power chair joysticks bring superior performance and extra comfort

Power chairs are a great help for users who can’t manually propel themselves, but would prefer to maintain their independence without having to rely on somebody to push their chair. But having a suitable power chair is only half of what’s needed for a proper ride. How the wheelchair is operated is of equal importance. 

Invacare LiNX control system for wheelchair

Invacare LiNX control system

LiNX Control System is specially made by Invacare to help users and professionals configure and modify powerchairs quickly and automatically. LiNX Control System is the Invacare...

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This is why we offer a range of intuitive controls for power chairs. These control systems allow users to ride their mobility aids with minimal effort. They are highly adaptable to a wide range of user needs, and the available add-ons make these systems useful even for users who cannot use hands to operate the controls. 

Power chair joysticks for an intuitive ride

The LiNX‌ control system features insight-based controls for intuitive navigation and ultimate control of the operated mobility aid. The system features a touch screen remote and an assortment of alternative control options. The operational menus are easy to navigate and offer a range of adjustability to user needs and preferences. 

The control system allows for the mobility aid to be operated through a range of different add-on controls. Depending on the needs of the user, the LiNX system users can use the system by hand, or with their chin or head. A 4-switch proximity array is also on offer, allowing users to operate the system without having to use pressure. An assortment of other accessories and add-ons is also available. 

The SHARK Powerchair control solution offers a range of products that can adapt to most power chair applications. 

The SHARK model features a joystick control with an optional light control module. 

The SHARK II model features more controls as a standard option. 

SHARK’s 'Indirect Steering' feature allows users to control the speed of movement through the pressure applied on the joystick, while also controlling the travel direction. Both models come with an assortment of available add-ons. 

The modular DX2 Expandable Control System is highly configurable and in its simplest configuration allows for controlling the power wheelchair with just two DX2 modules. The system can control all functions of the mobility aid—from driving to adjusting the seat. The DX2 is highly cross-compatible with other modules from this family and can be further customised with an assortment of add-ons and options. 

A range of controls is available as add-ons, including a low-force joystick, head controls and different mounting kits suitable for a variety of users.