Invacare PC200 posture corrector

inspirational|POSITIONING CV03.jpg|Invacare Positioning Cushion PC200 posture corrector

Most people have heard at least once in their lifetime how important it is to maintain a proper posture throughout day and night in order to prevent developing chronic complications. This advice is especially valid for people with disabilities, limited mobility, seniors and those who have to stay for a long time in bed. 

To help people maintain good posture and prevent sores while staying in bed, Invacare offers a wide selection of positioning cushions. These postural aids are an excellent solution to a variety of situations, offering versatile options in a compact and mobile product. They promote proper body alignment, relief pressure, and protect users from developing pressure ulcers. 

benefit|POSITIONING BE04.jpg|Invacare Positioning Cushion PC200 posture corrector
benefit|POSITIONING BE04.jpg|Invacare Positioning Cushion PC200 posture corrector
benefit|POSITIONING BE04.jpg|Invacare Positioning Cushion PC200 posture corrector

Invacare’s family of positioning cushions features an assortment of shapes, sizes, and materials, allowing users to find the right fit for their needs and preferences. The cushions are covered with Dartex fabric which is a material designed to offer excellent pressure care properties. The various models of positioning cushions are made of different materials, each holding distinctive properties. 

We offer cushions filled with microbeads which are light and easily adapt to the body. We also offer solutions in HR foam which provides excellent comfort and support. The line of positioning cushions also includes products from Visco foam which provides immersion and prevention of pressure ulcers. Our solutions are completed by gel cushions which also provide excellent immersion and support. 

As far as shapes go, Invacare’s positioning cushions provide comfort, support and pressure care for every part of the body—from head to toe. 

It is advisable that users switch postures every 2-3 hours. 

  • Features: four different materials available. 

  • Materials: covered with the innovative Dartex fabric. 

  • Remedies: solutions for every part of the body that needs pressure care. 

  • Light and compact; ideal for taking on travels. 

  • Excellent pressure care properties: comfort, support, and pressure ulcer prevention. 

  • Prevention: some models also limit the risk of falling off the bed. 

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