Technical Aids

Technical Aids

Technical Aids for Secure and Comfortable Everyday Routines

Even ordinary everyday activities can present a challenge for the elderly and people with disabilities. Things such as taking a bath, visiting the toilet and bending down to pick up something can be too taxing on the joints and, in some cases, impossible without assistive technology. This is why Invacare has come up with a wide range of technical aids that help with everyday moving, hygiene and resting needs. 

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Our family of technical aids for moving include canes, crutches, rollators and walking frames. They have all been built from high-quality materials, with clever design features that facilitate easier movement, for those who need assistance. Our moving aids cater for both the elderly and disabled users of all ages. 

Invacare’s bathing solutions feature a rich variety of mobility and safety aids. A range of shower chairs cater to users who need extra assistance when bathing. Toilet lifters, bath stools and lifters provide a comfortable support for users during their bath and toilet routines. A range of grab handles and leg supports care for the user’s comfort and safety. 

A Versatile Range of Top-of-the-Line Walkers With Wheels, Rollators, Toilet Frames, and Other Bathing and Mobility Aids

Invacare’s mobility technical aids are designed to adapt to the user’s needs. Our walking canes and crutches come in fixed or adjustable-height models and are offered in a range of colours and handle types. The available practical add-ons, such as can holders and wrist-straps, ensure convenient placement, for easy reach. 

The rollators and walking frames also come in a variety of configurations which cater to users with different needs of support. 

The rollator walkers come in three and four-wheel options and include models for users who need extra support. The walking frame models include fixed, folding and reciprocal options, are made of durable but lightweight materials, and are height-adjustable. 

Analogically, the bathroom and toilet aids are also built of high-quality materials and many of them are configurable to fit the user’s body shape and size. Our family of shower chairs includes propelling models that bring a greater degree of independence to the user. 

A full range of safety products brings ease of mind to bathers, with an assortment of railings and grab handles that can be mounted to the wall or the ceiling. 

The shower stretchers care for the hygiene of highly immobile users and come in electric-lifted and caster-framed models.