Futura R7792 grab bar

The Invacare Futura R7792 is designed to provide the necessary assistance in the bathroom. It in can be installed in or around the corner, and also ideal for use in the service room. With Futura R7792 grab handle, it is possible to perform multiple transfers utilizing one single bracket.

Futura R7792 is an ergonomically angled wall grab handle, designed with excellent features to give the users the best experience. It guarantees a comfortable and safe hold in the bathroom. It is made of aluminium with an ABS plastic cover that protects it from moisture and water. It comes with high-end plastic handles with fixing set and decorative plates. With its ergonomic shape, it supports the natural hand posture during transfer.

Futura R7792 handle offers the necessary support in the bathroom and service room.

The Invacare Futura R7792 grab handle is also space-saving – it is lightweight and small-sized. It provides additional support when getting in and out of the bathroom. Futura R7792 features easy assembly using quick-release screws; no tools required.

It is safely secured on the edge of the tub using a clamping mechanism made of steel and pressure plates with an anti-slip surface.

Below are some key features of the Invacare Futura R7792 grab handle:

  • Flexible: It is easy to assemble using quick-release screws without the need for tools.
  • Space-saving: Futura R7792 is lightweight and small-sized, which makes it a space-saving grab handle
  • Durability: It is designed with high-quality materials to last longer.
  • Stylish Design: It combines functionality and aesthetics. It comes with an elegant design that is quite pleasing to the eyes.
  • Corrosion-free: Futura R7792 is made of steel with anti-corrosion paint coating, which ensures its moisture resistance.
  • Support: Futura R7792 grab handle is designed to offer adequate support to users – it provides additional comfort when getting into and out of the bath.
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