Invacare offer a wide range of solutions to support those with limited mobility, with their bathroom and toileting needs, such as the Lima H273 24’’ self-propel shower chair. The Lima H273 24" can make it easier to get in and out of the bathroom, using a toilet, taking a shower or getting dressed and undressed.  As well as providing carers with assistance when supporting individuals with their daily routines when self-propulsion is not suitable.

Equipped with 24'' wheels to make it easier for users to navigate themselves in the chair and can be used over the standard inbuilt toilet for additional support.

Featuring a padded seat and fabric backrest for maximum comfort when in use. Specifically made from durable, rust-resistant aluminium to ensure the frame is protected in wet environments and also folds for storage and transportation.

Key Features

  • Durable materials: Rust-resistant aluminium frame and stainless-steel hardware.
  • Easy to fold: Easily folds for storage or transportation.
  • 24'' Wheels: Make it easy for users to navigate in the chair.
  • Comfortable: Padded seat and fabric backrest for ultimate comfort.
  • Homecare and facility care: The shower chair commode is ideal for home use and public care facilities.
  • Max. carrying load: The Lima H273 has a maximum user weight of up to 135 kg.
Large 24" wheels
Large 24" wheels

For increased comfort, easier navigation and smoother propulsion.

Comfortable padding
Comfortable padding

Both the seat and armrests are designed with padding for increased comfort when in use.