Aquatec PICO 3in1 GREEN Shower chair

Aquatec PICO GREEN 3in1 shower chair by Invacare

The Aquatec PICO 3IN1 GREEN commode provides great flexibility, as its name already suggests: you can use it as a showering aid, as a toilet, or just as a frame to feel safer on your inbuilt toilet at home. It is a certified medical product and comes with an elegance that is unique, it provides a modern design and comfort alike. It  is light weight and you can customise it to your individual needs, be it in height or seating positions. It is up to you if you want to use the armrests, backrest, or neither of them and simply use the seating plate with the toilet pan – the PICO 3in1 GREEN comes with a great level of modularity and you decide how you want to have it, all toolless.

With the Aquatec GREEN products, Invacare enters into a new generation of uniqueness. With many years of experience and expertise with Invacare and Aquatec shower and bathing aids, we now bring nature into your bathroom by using new materials for your advantage: wooden fibres incorporated into an approved and certified medical product and providing you with a long-lasting natural antibacterial effect.

The chair consists of 10% renewable raw materials, namely the fine wooden fibres which give the natural antibacterial effect to the product and therefore minimises the risk of infection – without any harming silver ions as other products do. Bacteria will not be able to survive in the long term on commonly affected areas such as the seat, backrest and armrests. Proven laboratory tests have confirmed the effectiveness against       e. coli and s. aureus which are two of the main types of bacteria found in households and often causing infections. Additional benefits of the natural antibacterial affect include the possibility of reducing the use of cleaning agents, making the PICO 3IN1 GREEN more friendly and naturally protective on your skin and the environment.

A clever aid that provides those in need of care or those with disabilities, safety while showering.


Key Features

  • Provides great flexibility: use it as a showering aid, as a toilet, or just as a frame to feel safer on your inbuilt toilet at home.

  • Certified medical product: that offers a unique elegance, a modern design and great comfort all-in-one.

  • Versatile: the Aquatec PICO 3in1 GREEN hygiene shower chair by Invacare comes with a great level of modularity and you decide how you want to have it, all without the need for tools.

  • Natural materials, kind to the environment: made with wooden fibres, offering users a long-lasting naturally antibacterial effect. Naturally protects your skin and our waters.

  • Height-adjustable: perfectly fits your individual needs.

  • Beautiful and gentle on the user: the chair is immediately nice and smooth to the touch. As soon as you unbox it, it will feel pleasant, almost like wood. You might even be able to smell the forest!

100% Natural antibacterial effect

Independent laboratory tests confirm: Due to its wood content, the PICO GREEN has a built-in antibacterial effect.

Sustainable raw materials
Sustainable raw materials

The wooden fibres used for the PICO GREEN are from sustainable German forests, particularly grown for wooden products and not taken from the wild or saved areas.

Adaptable to your needs
Adaptable to your needs

The PICO GREEN / PICO GREEN 3in1offers great flexibility as you can chose how you want to use the chair, with or without armrests, a backrest or whether you want to place the hygiene recess to the

Unique look and feel
Unique look and feel

The wooden fibres are visible to the naked eye and give an unique look to each PICO GREEN /PICO GREEN 3in1.

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