The Invacare Cascata H720T4C is a unique toilet chair designed for patients with reduced mobility. This toilet chair has four solid wheels with a brake on all of them for increased stability. Featuring a removable bucket in front or behind, depending on the user’s requirements.

A padded seat, armrests, and backrest for increased comfort whilst sat in the chair. User’s can have confidence in their toilet chair with a robust and dependable chassis made from anthracite epoxy coated steel. Easy to transport and store with folding and removable footrests.

The Invacare Cascata H720T4C is designed to easily adapt to an individual’s needs with simple adjustments to the chair. Offering support where required this toilet chair is an easy to use and convenient support for toileting requirements.

Key Features

  • Four brakes: Increased stability with a brake to each of the four wheels. To immobilize the chair, a minimum of two brakes must be applied.
  • Robust: Its chassis is anthracite epoxy coated steel.
  • Padded: The seat, armrests, and backrest are padded for increased comfort for the user.
  • Durability: The Invacare Cascata H720T4C toilet chair is designed with high standard materials to last longer.
  • Space-saving: The narrow chassis and folding and removable footrests facilitate its use in smaller bathroom spaces.
  • Safety: The Invacare Cascata H720T4C provides a convenient and safe toileting alternative for persons with reduced mobility.