Invacare Asteria P409 walking frame

Looking for a stable and comfortable walking frame? The new Invacare P409 Asteria is a stable, lightweight, and user-friendly walking frame. It comes with a wide and deep frame that gives enhanced legroom and a wide height adjustment range that makes it suitable for most users. More so, the ergonomic folding mechanism makes it easy to open and close the walking frame. The new designed anti-rattle silencers make the walking frame very quiet when used. Asteria P409 can also be folded for storage and transport - it has a lightweight aluminum frame.

The Invacare Asteria P409 walking frame is built with safety and comfort in mind. Its lightweight aluminum frame brings safety and comfort to the user. It is also equipped with intermediate handles that facilitate lifting and transfers of users as well as adequate security during use. Its sleek design allows use in tight spaces.

Asteria P409 can be folded via a central button – this feature makes the walking frame easy to park on a small surface. Overall, the Invacare Asteria P409 is designed to take users wherever they are going, not minding whether the terrain is smooth or rough. It's lightweight and thus easy to move and maneuver. Below are some key features of Asteria P409:

  • Single folding walking frame: It comes with a single release folding walking frame made of anodized aluminum.
  • Safety: It features two stages of grips to help the user ease from a sitting to standing position.
  • Adjustability: It is designed to fit perfectly with various users – It has an adjustable height setting of 770 - 950mm.
  • Comfort: Designed for easy use in small spaces and over the toilet. It can be easily folded through pressing a button – making it easy for transport or storage.
  • Lightweight: It is a lightweight walking frame – easy to move and maneuver.
  • Attractive design: The Invacare Asteria P409 features an elegant design with excellent features.
Safe, stable and lightweight
Safe, stable and lightweight

Single release folding walking frame made of anodized aluminum.

User friendly
User friendly

Designed for easy use in small spaces and over the toilet
One button to press and fold
Large range of height adjustments (770 - 950mm, every 20mm)


Soft hand grips for comfort and long-lasting wear
Folds easily for transport or storage
Lower side brace stiffens the frame and adds stability
Accessory front wheels available