Aspiring barrister doesn’t let his disability get in the way of fulfilling his dreams


Aspiring barrister doesn’t let his disability get in the way of fulfilling his dreams

Global brand leader Invacare is pleased to introduce Daniel as the face of their LiNX Smart Technology campaign.

The 26 year old is an aspiring barrister and has been since the age of 14. In his quest to achieve his dream, Daniel made the move to London on his own at the age of 21, without his family or friends, in order to study and lead a more independent life.
Daniel, who has Cerebral Palsy, faces a lot of discrimination and ignorance on a daily basis and on his journey to completing a Law Degree, followed by a Master’s Degree in Human Rights Law, he was told on many occasions that he would not succeed in building a legal career because of his speech impairment. Unfortunately, this is something we hear of far too often but Daniel has never let this stop him and if anything, it has made him even more determined to succeed.
Daniel undertook several campaigns to improve equality, diversity and accessibility across the campus whilst at University. One led to an equality and diversity policy being enacted and another of his campaigns was awarded ‘Campaign of the Year 2013’ after it led to £400,000 being dedicated to improving accessibility on campus.

After completing his law degree, Daniel was unable to find suitable wheelchair accessible accommodation and was so determined to remain in London that he spent 8 months living in a homeless hostel. This is just a glimpse of what an incredible and determined young man he is.
Today, Daniel is Trustee and Chair of the Income Generation Committee at Disability Rights UK as well as Policies and Procedures Executive and Liaison (Student/Young Peoples Organisations) Executive at Regard. He also volunteers at Stonewall’s Information Service and helps as a player/coach at Greenwich Powerchair Football Club.

Daniel has worked with Invacare recently on a photoshoot where the company discovered his amazing story. He later went on to create a video with the world-renowned mobility supplier and has since become the face for their new LiNX powerchair control system.
Samantha Hatchett, EMEA Marketing Communications Executive at Invacare states “The Invacare powerchair range with LiNX Smart Technology is all about keeping people independent and in control of their lives, allowing them to reach their goals and live the lifestyle they want. We are so pleased to have Daniel, such an ambitious and focused young man, as the face of our campaign”.
Look at Daniels video here:

What is LiNX Smart Technology?

LiNX is Invacare’s insight inspired powerchair control system that caters for both the user and the professional by offering a superb driving experience along with its quick and intuitive programming feature. LiNX also offers a range of remote options, including a selection of specialist controls for those who are unable to use a standard joystick. Revolutionising the powerchair industry, the REM400 remote brings technology we all associate with smartphones and tablets to powerchairs through its 3.5” colour touch screen.

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