Invacare introduces the Bora® Plus powerchair


Invacare introduces the Bora® Plus powerchair

Invacare has given the renowned Bora powerchair a refresh.

Not content with the already outstanding German engineered powerchair, Invacare aspired to make the compact chair a stylish asset to any user with its wide choice of colour options.
The Invacare Bora Plus has a sense of style to match the lifestyle and individuality of the user thanks to the 7 stylish shroud colour options, 2 frame and 3 rim colour options available to choose from. Its black non-marking tyres with black front forks enhance the aesthetics of the chair to give it a modern look and feel.
The Invacare Bora Plus also boasts an exceptionally smooth and comfortable drive thanks to its following features:

  • The spring suspension system provides outstanding outdoor appeal for a smooth drive
  • Its enhanced 50Ah Gel battery ensures a reliable journey
  • The LiNX® control system makes going through doorways or approaching a table simple and straightforward thanks to its low speed and creep control
  • LiNX improves hold on slopes and reduces castor lock on soft surfaces, relieving any concerns for the user
  • The optional LiNX G-Trac® technology detects and corrects the smallest deviations from the intended path, caused by a surface change for example, and reduces the number of corrective actions needed

About LiNX technology
Invacare LiNX is an insight inspired control system that learns over time to bring a revolutionary driving experience. Thanks to its unique modular design, this futureproof system can be seamlessly added to and expanded as technology develops and/or the needs of the user change. This Simply Smart technology allows programming updates to be made wirelessly and in real time, making it easy to service. With easy access to statistical and diagnostic information, LiNX allows complete visibility for professionals.

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