Invacare launch the unique and innovative new Soft Tilt


Invacare launch the unique and innovative new Soft Tilt

Invacare is pleased to announce the launch of the new Soft Tilt - a unique and innovative new system designed to automatically reposition patients in bed, as well as support care staff with daily moving and handling. The Soft Tilt can be installed to the Invacare SB® 755 mattress platform and is ideal for both single carer working environments and pressure care management.

Automated pressure relief - The Soft Tilt can be programmed to gently turn patients at various intervals and position them at different angles throughout the night; relieving pressure and reducing the risk of pressure ulcer development. The automated repositioning feature reduces the number of night time visits from care staff, allowing for a more peaceful and undisturbed night sleep for the patient.
Single carer working - Ideal for single carer working environments, the Soft Tilt can also be used manually by care staff to give full access for sling application, glide sheets and personal care. Furthermore, the Soft Tilt can be used in conjunction with the beds profiling mechanism to allow care staff to safely transfer patients in and out of bed – with minimal effort, protecting carers from potential back injury, which can be caused through moving and handling.
Commenting on the launch, Head of Product Management Rest, Kirsten Gronnegaard-Kieler says “Healthcare providers are increasingly under pressure to provide the highest standards of care with limited resource and budget. The Soft Tilt addresses these issues by reducing the number of care staff and visits required as well as providing a more comfortable environment for both patients and carers.”
A series of case studies have already been conducted in various care settings across Denmark and results have already shown:

  • A reduction in the number of carers required when moving and handling.
  • Better working environments for care staff.
  • Patient satisfaction, comfort and a better quality night sleep.

The new Invacare Soft Tilt is available in selected countries across Europe. To find out more, please visit or contact your local Invacare sales office.