Invacare launches its ‘Style is Forever’ campaign to introduce the new Orion & Comet scooters


Invacare launches its ‘Style is Forever’ campaign to introduce the new Orion & Comet scooters

Invacare has unveiled its highly anticipated ‘Style is Forever’ campaign to support the launch of its new generation of well-known Orion & Comet mobility scooters. The campaign aims to challenge preconceptions around ageing and aims to encourage users to express themselves and say ‘this is me!’.

Speaking about the release of the campaign, EMEA Marketing Vice President, Ricardo Perez Font says: “We’re delighted to be able to introduce the new generation of Orion & Comet scooters with this exciting and inspirational new campaign. We feel that ‘Style is Forever’ positively communicates the benefits of this exceptional new range of mobility scooters as well as embodying the ‘Yes You Can’ ethos of the Invacare brand.”

The new range of scooters have undergone a series of design changes and upgrades to offer users additional customisability as well as improved performance and reliability. Key features include:

Design & Style
Now available with 10 new interchangeable shroud colours, users can customize their scooters in line with their individual style and personal preference. Furthermore, an extensive range of accessories are available to ensure users can adapt their scooters based to their individual needs and requirements.

Safe & Strong
Built from high quality and robust materials, the new scooters offer maximum durability, strength and reliability. All models come packed with a range of safety features as standard and have undergone stringent testing in TÜV laboratories; offering users additional reassurance and peace of mind.  

Comfort & Control
To maximise control, the tiller has been completely redesigned to make steering safer and easier for the user allowing for a more relaxed seated position when driving. Additionally, the new suspension system has been designed to minimise impact between the base and seating, ensuring a smoother and more comfortable ride than ever before.

The new generation of Orion & Comet scooters are now available across Europe. To find out more, visit our new scooter microsite
The ‘Style is Forever’ campaign video can also be viewed here.