Invacare launches the new Action 3NG and Action 4NG alongside it’s By Day By Night Campaign


Invacare launches the new Action 3NG and Action 4NG alongside it’s By Day By Night Campaign

We are pleased to announce that new versions of the market leading Action 3NG and Action 4NG wheelchairs will be released across of Europe over the coming few months. The new chairs both feature significant weight reduction vs. their previous versions, new extended colour options and, in the case of the Action 4NG, the unique folding backrest that has been so successful on the Action 5, has been added as a new option.

The new versions will be available across of Europe over the next few months and will be supported by an innovative new marketing campaign for the popular Invacare Action Family: By Day, By Night, By Invacare. The campaign sees six hyper-real characters split between their by day activity and by night activity. Designed to reflect the ‘a chair for everyone’ ethos of the Action Family, there are also two special videos for the 3NG and 4NG.

The Action 3NG video features Shannon Murray – who appeared in the Dr. Who spin off ‘Class’ – as the busy working mum.

And the Action 4NG features Dan Edge - UK based Disabled Actor, Model, Pro Wrestler and Aerialist – as the Inventor by Day and Wrestler by Night. Watch it here.

Speaking at the launch of the new Action 3NG and Action 4NG, Head of Product Management Mobility for EMEA, Gustave Moot said: “The release of these new products shows the desire we have at Invacare to make leading products even better and listen to the needs of customers and end users alike. Furthermore. we hope that the inspirational ‘By Day, By Night’ campaign will be enjoyed by everyone for it’s fresh, modern and fun representations of wheelchair users.”

The new Action 3NG and 4NG will be available across Europe starting from mid-September. To find out when they will be available in your country please keep an eye on your local Invacare website or speak with your local Invacare office.