Invacare launches new insight-driven Aquatec Ocean Ergo Family


Invacare launches new insight-driven Aquatec Ocean Ergo Family

Global leader of personal care solutions, Invacare is delighted to announce the launch of its new customer insight-led Ocean Ergo family of shower chair commodes.

Based on the well-established Ocean range, the Ocean Ergo family consists of six new modular shower chair commodes designed to enhance user independence, safety and comfort. From a transit model through to tilt and recline, the Ocean Ergo family offer personal care solutions to suit a wide range of physical conditions and needs.
What makes the Ocean Ergo different to the renowned Ocean range?

Innovative ergonomic seat
A newly contoured seat plate has been developed based on the imprints people leave behind when seated to encourage a more upright and stable seating position - promoting user independence and overall comfort. Additionally, a 5° rearward seat angle and transfer supports at the front of the seat plate allows the user to position themselves into a comfortable and effective position for independent toileting.

Intuitive ergonomic tilt
Available on the tilt-in-space models, a new ergonomic tilt mechanism with weight shifting abilities has been designed to make operation lighter and more intuitive for the carer, whilst creating a smoother and more comfortable experience for the user. The chair now moves downwards and forwards during tilt, keeping the user’s centre of gravity close to that of the chair, reducing the overall footprint whilst also retaining its stability.

Greater adaptability
The modular design of the Ocean Ergo family means that the chairs can be adapted to suit a wide range of user needs by making some simple adjustments to the armrest, seat height, legrests and footplates or by adding some easy to fit, off-the shelf accessories.
Commenting on the launch, Head of Product Management for Lifestyle, Mark Monteiro, said “We’re delighted to launch our insight-driven Ocean Ergo family. With personal care being a highly private activity, our priority was to develop a product that enhanced independence, safety and dignity for users, whilst also ensuring a safe and ergonomic working environment for the carer.

The new Ocean Ergo shower chair commode family is now available. To find out more, visit HERE