Invacare launches PICO GREEN shower chair


Invacare launches PICO GREEN shower chair

Invacare is pleased to launch a new range of hygiene products made with wooden fibres that have a natural antibacterial effect. Avoiding use of nano-silver ions which are harmful to the body and the environment, Aquatec PICO GREEN is the next generation shower chair and brings a touch of nature into the bathroom.
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With 10% wooden fibres, it offers a long-lasting antibacterial effect that cannot be washed off; reducing the need for chemical cleaning agents. Aquatec PICO GREEN is an approved and certified medical product brought to you by Invacare. Utilising the experience of the established Aquatec shower aids and introducing renewable raw materials which minimises the risk of skin infection due to its natural antibacterial effect, PICO GREEN provides a complete solution to those with balance issues or with disabilities.

Antibacterial efficacy has been tested according to the current ISO 22196 standard and approved by an official German laboratory. The test verifies that more than 99% of escherichia coli and staphylococcus, aureus; two of the main bacteria in households causing infections, are killed after a contact time of 24 hours. 

Aquatec PICO GREEN shower chair comes in a smooth modern design and provides excellent comfort in a lightweight and modular solution. Adjust to suit your height and seating position simply without any tools!

Aenne Hussmann, EMEA Group Product Manager for Hygiene said “I am very excited to launch this next generation of hygiene products. The wooden fibres sourced from German forests can be clearly seen in PICO GREEN which creates a unique look and smell. Plus, it is a huge advantage to have a long lasting natural antibacterial effect. PICO GREEN offers a safe and stable showering aid for all those in need including the elderly. And by having this modular design, PICO GREEN is greatly versatile, fitting to various bathroom designs and user needs.”.

Discover the Aquatec PICO GREEN Shower chair and the Aquatec PICO 3in1 GREEN Shower chair.

the next generation shower chair and brings a touch of nature into the bathroom.