Invacare proudly supports Disability Pride Month.


Invacare proudly supports Disability Pride Month.

Disability Pride

Not to be confused with LGBTQIA+ Pride, Disability Pride is an important movement first established over 30 years ago by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). This month we continue to create awareness and celebrate the successes and differences of people with disabilities. Breaking the stigma is central to the movement's message.

Each colour of the flag represents a different meaning:

  •  Black: refers to the colour of mourning for those who have suffered from ableist violence
  •  Blue: represents mental illness
  • Yellow: represents cognitive and intellectual disabilities
  • White: stands for invisible/undiagnosed disabilities
  • Green: represents sensory perception disabilities
  • Red: represents physical disabilities

Disability Pride is held annually for the full month of July and now receives support across the world. To observe this growing movement, we at Invacare are supporting in different ways.

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