Invacare is supporting global ‘Stop Pressure Ulcer Day’ on the 17th of November


Invacare is supporting global ‘Stop Pressure Ulcer Day’ on the 17th of November

Stop Pressure Ulcer Day is an annual global event in which industry, healthcare professionals and the public come together to help raise awareness of pressure ulcers. Now in its 4th year, the aim of the event is to increase knowledge and raise awareness of the resources available to help prevent pressure ulcers.

What is a pressure ulcer?
A pressure ulcer is an area of damage to the skin and the underlying tissue, usually over a bony area of the body. Pressure ulcers range in severity from skin discolouration to severe open wounds where the muscle and bone are visible. 
Pressure ulcers are painful, costly and often preventable, yet EPUAP estimate that approximately 4 million people in Europe have developed pressure ulcers.

Who is at risk?
Anybody can develop a pressure ulcer, but those most at risk are:           

    • People who have difficulty moving or repositioning themselves
    • Those who cannot feel pain over part or all of their body
    • Those who have limited bladder or bowel control
    • People who are seriously ill or have had surgery
    • Those with a poor diet and low fluid intake
    • People who smoke
    • Those with previous pressure ulcers/skin damage
    • People with poor circulation

    The cost of pressure ulcer prevention is far less than the cost of their treatment. A number of preventative measures can be put in place to help reduce the risk of developing a pressure ulcer, these include:

    • Checking the skin daily for signs of damage or discoloration
    • Movement: make sure a patient changes position regularly
    • Repositioning: the patient should be encouraged to reposition themselves regularly
    • Suitable support surfaces which include mattresses, heelcare and seating
    • Good nutrition
    • Protect the patients’ skin by keeping it clean and dry

    To find out more about pressure ulcer prevention and treatment, download the NPUAP & EPUAP quick reference guide here or visit their website
    Invacare offers a wide range of support surfaces designed to help reduce the risk of developing pressure ulcers. For more information, visit the Pressure and Posture Care section on our website.