Invacare TDX SP2 Ultra Low Maxx


Invacare TDX SP2 Ultra Low Maxx

Invacare® enters Europe’s complex rehab arena with the Ultra Low Maxx power positioning system.
Invacare Europe is delighted to announce the availability of Motion Concepts’ Ultra Low Maxx power positioning system on its power wheelchair bases. Already an established leader in the North American complex rehab market, the Ultra Low Maxx is designed to bring unparalleled levels of adjustability, comfort and support to users with complex needs.

The Ultra Low Maxx has four key features that set it apart from options currently available to healthcare professionals in Europe. They are:ULM Logo

  • A class leading Extended Shear Reduction (ESR) mechanism, integrated into the 170° recline backrest, which allows users at risk of skin breakdown to recline without compromising on skin protection.
  • A unique width and depth adjustable seat platform which can be fine-tuned to fit changing user needs.
  • An option of four different Invacare Matrx backrests, each of which maintain the same level of shear reduction efficiency (the only complex rehab seating system to offer this globally).
  • The LNX Power Center Mount Elevating Legest, which features efficient leg length compensation, supporting the users lower legs through the full range of movement.

The first power base to integrate with the new seating system will be the Invacare TDX SP2. The TDX SP2 Ultra Low Maxx aims to set a new benchmark for the European complex rehab power positioning arena in terms of manoeuvrability, functionality and support options.
Jill Kolczynski, Director of Product Development for Powered Mobility at Invacare International said: “The Ultra Low Maxx is by far the single best complex rehab seating system available and we are very excited to be introducing it into Europe. Together with Invacare’s strong portfolio of power bases I am sure that our customers will see a real commitment from us to not only be the leading provider of complex rehab solutions, but also the best.

View the Ultra Low Maxx video here