Invacare® introduce the Matrx® Mini seating series


Invacare® introduce the Matrx® Mini seating series

Invacare is pleased to present the Invacare Matrx Mini seating series – transforming kids seating.

The series consists of the Invacare Matrx Mini Back and the Mini PS Cushion, both designed to provide exceptional support with maximum freedom of movement. Every element has been carefully designed and constructed, keeping paediatric users at the forefront at every stage.

  • Invacare Matrx Mini Back - provides comfort, stability and improved user positioning and its hardware allows it to be installed and adjusted in minutes
  • Invacare Matrx Mini PS - an anatomically contoured, high quality foam cushion offers improved stability and support to the user

Features and options of the Mini seating series include:

  • Water resistant and breathable covers with attractive Kid*a*bra print
  • Mini Set back hardware allowing one tool adjustment of depth, angle and even rotation
  • Mini swing-away laterals that are height width and depth adjustable for added stability and positioning
  • Pre-drilled holes in the Mini back shell for attachment of headrests
  • Mini Elan adjustable headrest with a choice of positioning pads
  • Chest harness interface kit allowing attachment of chest support straps to the mini back

For more information on the Invacare Matrx Mini PS cushion, click here. To find out more about the Matrx Mini Back, click here.