The new Action5 Rigid wheelchair introduces its energy efficient design


The new Action5 Rigid wheelchair introduces its energy efficient design

Invacare is expanding its tried and trusted Action5 family by introducing a new robust and lightweight wheelchair for the more active and independent user. This is thanks to its box frame construction that reduces the energy and force required to propel the chair.

Affordable and with a very good drive performance, the Action5 Rigid offers a range of features such as:

  1. Patented backrest mechanism - Providing accurate step-less adjustability, making assessments and fittings both quick and easy. The design of the chair allows the backrest to fold on top of the seat, which enables the chair to be reduced in size.
  2. Adjustability - Quick and easy to adjust the backrest, seat depth/angle/height, leg rest length and armrest height, as well as fine tune the centre of gravity and camber.
  3. Configurability - Several different leg rest options are available – including a swing away and fixed frame option, as well as accessories such as a range of armrests & side guards and an active anti-tipper that can be operated by both the user and carer. There’s also a broad selection of front wheel castors and lightweight rear wheels that can be chosen from.
  4. Compatibility with the new Alber® e-pilot® - The recently released add-on scooter can turn the Action5 Rigid into a sporty vehicle in a matter of seconds, providing an environmentally friendly mobility alternative with maximum driving pleasure.
  5. Personal touch - The Action 5 wouldn’t be a perfect fit for a user’s lifestyle if it didn’t come with a range of individual colour finishes. Frames come in a choice of ten colours that are both neutral and vibrant, with additional three colour accents to choose from.

 Announcing the launch of the Action5 Rigid, Gustave Moot - Head of Product Management Mobility EMEA at Invacare International said:
 “After the successful introduction of the Action 5 model in 2015, we received a lot of requests to build an affordable, high quality, box-frame rigid chair that provided an array of adjustments to allow it to be set it up perfectly for the end-user. It was immediately obvious that the Action5 concept, with little alterations, would fit perfectly. The driving performance of this new box-frame wheelchair, compared to most mono-tube design wheelchairs, surprises end-users and exceeds their expectations. It also has the added bonus of making an excellent “donor” wheelchair for e-supports such as the new Alber e-pilot and of course our well-known e-motion® & twion®.”

To find out more about the new Action5 Rigid, click here.