Our first touch screen remote


Our first touch screen remote

We are delighted to bring to our powerchair range some 'next generation technology' which follows extensive trials and consumer-led insights. Touch screen technology is used daily on devices such as smartphones and tablets and it can now be found on powerchairs.

The innovative REM400 remote has an impressive 3.5” colour touch screen that puts the user in complete control. Its features include:

  • Swipe or tap operation
  • Direct or menu navigation access to profiles and functions
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Glove mode setting
  • Screen lock out function
  • Configured for left or right handed use

And it doesn’t end there. The REM400 has built-in Bluetooth which allows connection to PC’s, laptops and Macs. Its integrated mouse mover with on screen mouse clicks lets users connect to their world through their remote.
One of the great benefits of a touch screen remote is it removes all the standard fixed buttons you see on a powerchair remote. This makes the REM400 suitable for those with more complex physical and cognitive needs.
To see the REM400 in action, checkout the new video here.

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