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The Invacare Trimline is specially designed to provide users with the best upper body support. Trimline gives users the required support while allowing the most freedom across the chest. It provides the most aggressive approach to shoulder retraction. It is packed with independent pads and versatile configurations: backpack style or crossed at the sternum. Its tapered pads and a buckle-free front allow a comfortable and modest fit for women. 

Trimline, along with other Invacare’s Bodypoint Products such as PivotFit shoulder Harness, Stayflex chest support and Monoflex Chest Support, works in different ways to provide excellent upper body support to the user. Trimline is ideal for helping people achieve their full potentials. Depending on the level of support required, users can use Trimline to achieve their aim. 

The Invacare Trimline is available in different pull styles; rear-pull, front-pull and front-pull adjustable length. The rear pull tightens by pulling down and behind the user. It is ideal for thicker backrests. The front-pull tightens by pulling forward in front of the user. Also, the front-pull adjustable length features top straps for mounting to any type of backrest or mounting bracket. Trimeline and other upper body support products work perfectly with pelvic support such as a Hip belt or Evoflex. So, when using Trimline, consider using any of the pelvic support. Below are some key features of the Invacare Trimeline: 

  • Support: Trimeline provide users with the best upper body support 

  • Standard Width: Comfortable with a controlled amount of stretch. 

  • Narrow Width: The Invacare Trimeline is designed to comfortably fit most users. 

  • Dynamic version: Encourages movement to reduce tone. 

  • Durability: Trimline shoulder harness is designed with excellent materials to last even longer than expected. 

  • Tapered pads and a buckle-free front:  The Invacare Trimline features tapered pads and a buckle-free front that allows a comfortable and modest fit for women. 

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