Respiratory care and oxygen therapy have undergone significant development and have reached a point where people who need such therapy can receive it at the comfort of their homes and even on the go. The breakthroughs in oxygen concentrators and compressors have made these devices smaller, lighter, and more capable of providing ambulatory-grade oxygen. Nevertheless, oxygen therapy is prescribed and performed under the guidance of a physician and in some cases, a carer needs to tend to the people receiving therapy. 

Being precise with administering therapeutic oxygen to paediatric patients is of utmost importance for their safety and for the proper course of therapy. This means that oxygen concentrators need to be connected to reliable flowmeters that allow readings consistent with the oxygen doses prescribed for paediatric patients. Invacare, as a company with long-standing expertise in the field of oxygen concentrators, also provides excellent solutions for their maintenance and proper operation. We offer respiratory care products that are suitable for home care environments and for public care facilities, making the administration of such therapy easier for both patients and medical personnel. 

The Invacare Precise Rx Paediatric Flowmeter allows carers to keep an accurate reading and administration of oxygen to paediatric patients. The device doesn’t require permanent modification of the concentrator and is equipped with a mechanism that prevents back pressure to leak back into the concentrator. The flowmeter is compatible with or without a humidifier bottle. It is user-friendly and allows low-flow oxygen administration of 1/16-3/4 L/min or 50-750 cc/min. The device is compact and weighs less than 1 kg which makes it very portable. 

  • Accurate: allows precise low-flow oxygen administration of 1/16-3/4 L/min or 50-750 cc/min. 

  • User-friendly: easy to install and operate. 

  • Treatment: back pressure preventing mechanism. 

  • Compatible: it can be used with or without humidifier bottle. 

  • Materials: tubing, connectors and humidifier bottle included in the package. 

  • Specific: for use only with Invacare’s oxygen concentrators.