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Invacare HomeFill II oxygen compressor & cylinders

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Freedom to breathe wherever you want is the primary language of the Invacare HomeFill II system. The HomeFill II system creates a discrete portable respiratory device that’s safe and easy to use, carry, and refill. It features a lightweight cylinder that makes it possible to be more active and independent in every environment.  With the Invacare HomeFill II system, users can be confident of oxygen supply at home at any time according to their requirements.

HomeFill II system ensures personal home oxygen supply. This device revolutionises ambulatory oxygen supplies by allowing patients to refill cylinders in the comfort and convenience of their homes. It consists of a multi-stage pump that safely compresses oxygen from specially equipped Invacare concentrators into oxygen cylinders. Users don't have to worry about delivery or running out of oxygen – the HomeFill II provides unlimited ambulatory oxygen without any delivery cost for service suppliers.

Users can also take it with them wherever they go. Once the cylinder is refilled, users can slot it into a lightweight carry bag and take it with them wherever they go. Users can also benefit from the HomeFill’s mobility and find themselves able to wheel and transport the device when visiting friends and family or when going on holiday. Key features include:

  • Adjustability: It can be easily adjusted to suit the patient’s needs and simple refilling.
  • Carrying bag: The oxygen cylinder can be worn around the shoulder; it improves overall comfort and convenience.
  • Oxygen cylinders with conserver for large freedom: The Invacare HomeFill II system has lightweight aluminium cylinders with an integrated conserver and regulator.
  • Patient Priority: HomeFill II automatically controls the filling process to guarantee >90% purity in the cylinder and high purity to the patient.
  • Rear Handle: It features a rear handle for easy transportation.

Range of lightweight cylinders: Helps to suit the needs of all patients. A range of continuous flow and conserver cylinders are available.

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