Invacare Ocea H320 grab handle

Invacare has a long-standing tradition in providing practical and innovative products for people with disabilities and limited mobility. As a result of our continuous innovation, we provide a family of solutions for a variety of situations that work excellently on their own or in combination. This includes our bathroom aids which help disabled and senior users have a safer and more enjoyable experience while visiting the bathroom or the toilet, and while taking a shower.

As a high-risk area, due to the danger of slippage and losing balance, the bathroom is a place that greatly benefits from some extra safety measures. This applies to anybody but especially so to users with limited mobility who need some help to perform their bath and toilet routines securely.

One way to easily and inconspicuously level up the safety of a bathroom is to install grab bars that allow users to keep balance while moving around and make it more comfortable sit down and get up in the bath.

The Invacare Ocea 320 grab handle is an excellent solution for the bathroom and the toilet, especially for users who seek a sturdy but low-profile product. The grab handle installs easily to the wall and is made of sturdy plastic which makes it rust-resistant.

The handle’s angled shape provides great ergonomics and support, with an embossed surface that provides a better grip. The grab handle is 330 mm long and angled at 135 degrees. The angled shape creates two heights for grabbing, which makes it easy for users to find a comfortable and safe hold.

  • Ergonomic shape: Oval and angled shape for better grip and support.
  • Embossed surface: Invacare’s Marina gran handle provides anti-slip properties.
  • Low profile: It won’t get in the way around the bath.
  • Resistant: Made of high-quality plastic making it rust-resistant.
  • Adjustable: 330 mm in length at a 135-degree angle.
  • Max Carrying load: Can support user weight up to 115 kg.