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The Invacare Infilio IN01_IN02 is a stockings puller/tight puller. It's a dressing aid that allows the putting in and removal of compression stockings and socks. Infilio IN01_IN02 is ideal for people who struggle to put on socks and tights and also for those that have mobility problems and are stuck in bed. The Invacare stockings puller/tight puller helps people with movement restrictions to retain their self-confidence and dress as they want.  

Infilio IN01_IN02 features a simple design that allows users to put them to use easily and effectively. It requires a simple slipping of the sock or stocking up and over the aid, then insert the foot into its centre and pull the looped cord to bring the sock up over the foot to the required position.  Infilio IN01_IN02 is made from durable plastic, and it fits many foot sizes. 

Infilio IN01_IN02 works with different feet sizes. It has two plastic moulds to help you slide both feet in at the same time. Overall, the Invacare stockings puller/tight puller is made with the user in mind; it is perfect for people recovering from surgery, injury, or those with limited mobility. Infilio IN01_IN02 slide over the foot and heel, making it easy to pull or put on stockings. Below are key features of the Invacare  Infilio IN01_IN02: 

  • Easy to use: Infilio IN01_IN02 is designed to allow the patient or carer put them to use effortlessly. 

  • Comfort: The handles come with a foam padding for improved comfort when using. The grip also has foam padding for comfortable gripping.  

  • Versatile: Fits perfectly to different sizes of feet.  

  • Anti-slip: It comes with a slip resistance that ensures the sock does not slide off of the sock assist. 

  • Durability: Invacare’s Infilio IN01_IN02 is made with good quality materials to last even longer than expected.