Feel the Freedom with Invacare scooters


Feel the Freedom with Invacare scooters

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Electric mobility scooters

It’s time to enjoy the season with Invacare mobility scooters. Each scooter in our range is designed to give a high-quality driving experience and ensure you feel the freedom in the safest most comfortable way. From our light and transportable Colibri micro scooter, compact Leo, to our Comet Pro premium performance outdoor scooter, we give the solutions you need to make getting out and about feel great. Our focus on innovation means scooters such as our Orion Metro are connectivity ready. These advances enable you to check the daily health and performance of your scooter with a simple mobile app.

At the heart of each of our scooter designs is our close collaboration with healthcare experts. Each design gives high standards of quality, safety and comfort. Through continuous dedicated research and an unrivalled experience in designing for mobility, we pride ourselves in our range of scooters that improve quality of life.

Ready to feel the Freedom and discover the range here.