International Wheelchair Day – 1st March 2022


International Wheelchair Day – 1st March 2022

International wheelchair day 2022 - Invacare

Celebrating its 24th year, International Wheelchair Day was launched to highlight the: 

  • Positive impact wheelchairs have in people’s lives 
  • Support and care provided to people using wheelchairs  
  • Actions to make the world a more accessible place 
  • 75 million in the world who need a wheelchair, many of which are unable to acquire one. 

We have come a long way since the very first wheelchairs. Today we can find great examples of how wheelchairs are having a positive impact on people’s lives. Whether it’s a disability or illness, that’s affecting someone’s short or long-term mobility, modern wheelchairs can have a significantly positive impact on someone’s daily life. They allow people to establish or maintain independence, attend social events, form relationships, partake in sports and much more.

As a leading global manufacturer of wheelchairs and mobility aids, today we’d like to share some of our greatest success stories. One solution ambassador Catarina Oliveira who is also a social media influencer empowering people with disabilities and raising awareness of accessibility, to Hannah Cockcroft Paralympian multi gold medallist and Küschall ambassador. We should also celebrate the great work the Free Wheelchair Mission provides each year and how we support them by promoting involvement in their activities and sharing our knowledge and expertise.  

Read more about our ambassadors here.

Find out more about Free Wheelchair Mission here.

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“The barrier is not the wheelchair. It’s the world around the wheelchair”. 
Catarina Oliveira, One solution ambassador