Invacare launches InvaSoft Hybrid mattress


Invacare launches InvaSoft Hybrid mattress

Innovative non-powered support surface featuring the latest and most advanced hybrid technology.
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Invacare announces the launch of their new InvaSoft Hybrid, an innovative non-powered support surface featuring the latest and most advanced hybrid technology. 
InvaSoft Hybrid is the result of a three-year research and development project involving extensive collaboration with tissue viability specialists. Its design specifically targets the critical factors associated with pressure injury management including pressure redistribution, reduction of shear and friction and microclimate management.

The effectiveness of the InvaSoft Hybrid has been further substantiated with independent comparative tests carried out by the German healthcare test-house, Berlin Cert. The results proved that the InvaSoft Hybrid demonstrated superior performance in temperature and humidity management, outperforming all comparative hybrid support surfaces. 

Commenting at the launch of the new InvaSoft Hybrid, Dick Schilstra – Invacare’s EMEA Group Product Manager said “After three years of clinical-led research and development, we are finally pleased to launch the InvaSoft Hybrid support surface. The recent independent comparative tests have evidenced our goal to develop an innovative and improved hybrid support surface that will help to overcome the many challenges associated with pressure injuries.”

To find out more about the new InvaSoft Hybrid, please go to our product page, and click here.

InvaSoft Hybrid – a new support surface with advanced hybrid technology to effectively manage pressure