Matrx Loxx headrest launch


Matrx Loxx headrest launch

Introducing the latest headrest innovation: Matrx Loxx.
Matrx Headrest series by Invacare News image

Invacare is excited to introduce the latest headrest innovation: Matrx Loxx, to its seating and positioning portfolio. 
With 4 points of adjustment, Matrx Loxx is a great new headrest that supersedes the Matrx Multi-Axis. Offering a greater secure and superior hold, than its predecessor, it can accommodate postural asymmetries as well as moderate kyphosis thus suiting a wider range of people. 

Featuring an intuitive lever for tool-less adjustment of the hardware, improved safety features, dual pivot balls and slide bar for optimal positioning. Matrx Loxx is the perfect accompanying headrest for tilt-in-space or reclining wheelchairs. 

Matrx Loxx and its unique patent pending design has been crash-tested, ensuring a secure hold when in a locked position and is compatible with a most backrest systems including Invacare’s renowned Matrx E2 range.  

For further information about Matrx Loxx or other Matrx headrests, visit or contact your local retailer.