The new Dacapo Ecogreen


The new Dacapo Ecogreen

Invacare Dacapo ecogreen mattress

Invacare’s next stride towards achieving sustainable healthcare.

Invacare is pleased to announce the launch of the new Dacapo Ecogreen, a responsibly designed pressure relieving mattress focused on supporting the patient and the planet.

Rethinking our choices 

Around 30 million foam mattresses currently reach the end of their life every year in the EU. Many of these mattresses are discarded in landfill sites or incinerated, causing a significant burden to the health of our planet. Healthcare is estimated to be responsible for almost 10% of carbon emissions. Rethinking the choices made in healthcare should be at the top of our agendas. Working together in a more responsible way is what is needed for all of us and future generations to come.

Clinical, Ethical & Sustainable 

The new Dacapo Ecogreen pressure relieving mattress presents further progress in achieving sustainable healthcare. Its design achieves excellent clinical outcomes for the patient such as optimal pressure redistribution, reduction of shear and friction and high levels of comfort but in a sustainable way. Its design uses plant-based and recycled materials and further efficiencies in waste reduction and optimised logistics. Dacapo Ecogreen is for healthcare prescribers and buyers looking for an eco-conscious solution. 

Invacare’s EMEA Group Product Manager, Dick Schilstra, who heads up the category commented:  

“We are excited to announce the launch of Dacapo Ecogreen. The objective was always to deliver clinical excellence in patient pressure injury prevention in the most sustainable way possible. Our teams have achieved that objective and we are now very confident that we will positively contribute to further progress for more sustainable healthcare.”  

Dacapo Ecogreen further demonstrates Invacare’s commitment towards its worldwide Environmental Social Governance (ESG) initiative. For more information on the latest ESG report see here

To find out more about the new Dacapo Ecogreen click on the link or contact your local retailer.