Optimised sling range from Invacare


Optimised sling range from Invacare

Optimised sling range from Invacare gives every patient the support they need
Invacare Sling Optimised

Global brand leader Invacare is delighted to announce the optimisation of its renowned sling range. Available across Europe from the 5th October 2020. The range consists of fifteen models each available from XS up to XL, with the great new addition of XXL for the Universal High and Comfort in Situ models.

The slings now benefit from new material for the straps and optimised sewing alongside a choice of 3 fabric options solid, net or spacer. The specially designed Comfort in Situ model is also fire retardant and stands out from the range with a black material to enhance its elevated features in line with a sleek modern look.

All sling models are designed to fit each person perfectly, whether they have some mobility impairment or need full body and head support.

Commenting at the launch of the new Invacare sling range, Matthias Roederstein – Group Product Manager for Safe Patient Handling said “Our latest slings make a marked difference for the people who need to use them. In finding the right sling for the perfect fit as well as more comprehensive support during the application process.

The extension to our product ranges means there is a sling for everyone, and they are suitable for every use. Whether that is transferring to and from their bed to wheelchair, an armchair, or in the bathroom for bathing or getting on and off the toilet.

We are very proud of our range and specifically proud to offer the fire-retardant Comfort in Situ model. Its safety value is extremely important and a great addition to the range. We have worked closely with the Mobility team to understand how to incorporate the sling to fit nicely with the person’s wheelchair. The black colour is modern and allows the sling and wheelchair to blend together well and importantly make the person feel comfortable.”

Supportive and comfortable

Our team of experts and occupational therapists have made sure the slings are intuitive and easy to handle for the carer. This means there is less time taken up by operating the sling, which gives them and the individual more confidence when using it.

All slings have a loop attachment for a high spreader bar compatibility. For extra support and comfort, Invacare has used soft touch materials, padded back and neck sections for optimal weight distribution and increased cushioning under the armpit areas as this can be a pinch-point for person in the sling.

Optimal safety and confidence

  • Invacare has produced application videos for people to access through a QR code
  • There are clear sling labels, with simple sling application drawings to guide carers
  • Each sling has been third-party tested and is MDR compliant
  • Environmentally friendly flame-retardant material for Comfort In Situ slings (It’s designed to remain under the patient after transfer)

Perfect positioning

  • The slings boast a positioning pocket – to support the slide between the client and backrest while applying and adjusting the sling into the sitting position
  • Two centre-line markers indicate the position over the spine
  • There are easy to use and carefully positioned handles
  • Coloured loops guide the selection for the right positioning

To find out more about the new Invacare sling range or to arrange a demonstration click HERE.


All sling models are designed to fit each person perfectly, whether they have some mobility impairment or need full body and head support.