Küschall The KSL manual wheelchair

The Invacare KSL is stylishly designed with unique features that provide users with an unbeatable experience. If you’re looking to have a manual wheelchair that genuinely stands out, the Invacare KSL is your best bet – get your full Kuschall experience with unrivalled quality and minimalistic design. KSL is designed for the more experienced user – it is fully customisable, thus giving users the freedom to express their personality. KSL features a fully welded hydroformed frame with a rigidity that provides a supple and effortless glide anywhere you go. 

The Invacare Kuschall KSL comes with a lightweight design – made-to-measure concept for the lightest construction. KSL brings all of that plus a powerful geometry that flows seamlessly into the chair’s silhouette. KSL also features an integrated design – from the front frame, to the back brace and the fork support, the new KSL speaks the same design language. 

Its fix and foldable backrest provide users with an option of purchasing the foldable backrest to meet their individual needs. This also makes the KSL perfect for transport and storage. Below are some key features of the Invacare KSL: 

  • Lightweight Design: The Kuschall KSL lightweight design makes it easily adjustable, thus ensuring comfort, safety, and consistency. 

  • Re-designed footrest: KSL comes with a re-designed footrest – a fundamental element for your seating posture, following the powerful geometry and dynamic appeal of the overall look. 

  • Hydroforming:  Hydroforming technology is integrated into the KSL, which gives the wheelchair a modern look, reflecting new trends in the market landscape. 

  • Adjustability: The Invacare Kuschall KSL is user-friendly and quite adjustable. Users can customise it to meet their individual’s desire. 

  • Available in four different colours: Kuschall Ultra-light is available in different colours. Users have options to pick from the various colours – the colour that appeals most to them. 

  • Durability: It is designed with excellent quality materials to last longer. 

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