Invacare LiNX® continues to expand its functionality and improve user accessibility

The Invacare LiNX offering is set to increase again thanks to its innovative platform that allows it to expand and grow to meet the needs of complex rehab powerchair users

The first addition is the output module. This enhances accessibility for the user by providing the possibility to control 3rd party devices via the LiNX remote i.e. ECU, communication device, door opener. There is also the ability to customise functionality when required.
The second addition are external toggle switches for the REM400 remote. These are ideal for users with limited motor control or muscle weakness who may experience some difficulty when trying to operate certain areas of the remote screen (the speed dial) or find it difficult to reach the buttons at the top of the remote (on/off).
Ilona Wiemann, Product Development Manager for Powered Mobility at Invacare Corporation, said “Keeping powerchair users independent and in control is our main aim when developing products and these two new additions to the already extensive LiNX offering really showcase this. LiNX is one of the most innovative products within the industry and thanks to its futureproof design, there is plenty more still to come!”.

Also, to be released this summer on Invacare LiNX powerchairs is a high speed 12 km/h DuraWatt motor option. This will be available on the TDX® SP2 series, Storm®4 series and Kite® HD.

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