Invacare LiNX now compatible with Switch Control

Global brand leader Invacare is pleased to present a new level of connectivity which is now available on its renowned LiNX powerchair range.

Invacare LiNX REM400 Touch Screen Remote with Switch Access Connectivity

Through a recent firmware update, the LiNX REM400 and REM500 remotes can now be upgraded to support ‘Switch Control’ for portable devices.
Switch Control is an accessibility feature that allows the user to navigate and select items on their iOS or Android device using their REM400 joystick or REM400/500 touch screen. This includes connectivity to iOS devices, Apple TVs and Macs, utilising the Apple “Switch Control” feature. Selected Android phones feature “Switch Access” too.
Once paired, the LiNX connectivity function will easily connect to the selected device and it will also allow switching between devices.
Possible switch inputs are the active user drive input, e.g. joystick directions (forward, reverse, left and right), as well as the touch screen on the REM400 and REM500 itself.
The REM400 and REM500 remotes are available on the following Invacare powerchairs:
TDX® SP2 with Ultra Low Maxx seating
TDX® SP2 with ModuliteTM seating
TDX® SP2NB with ModuliteTM seating
Storm®4 with ModuliteTM seating
Storm®4 X-plore with ModuliteTM seating
Kite HD
Spectra®XTR 2 HD
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