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Vicair Multifunctional O2 Flex back is a highly supportive wheelchair back cushion specially designed for Invacare’s Flex 3 backrest system on Rea Azalea manual wheelchairs or Aviva powerchairs. With 13 easily adjustable compartments, this wheelchair back cushion makes an ideal choice for postural positioning and pressure redistribution.

The central compartment allows you to offload around the spinal cord whilst the built-in lateral supports can be used in combination with optional side supports for additional positioning, comfort and stability.

Vicair Multifunctional Flex back O2
Vicair Multifunctional Flex back O2
Vicair Multifunctional Flex back O2

Vicair Multifunctional O2 Flex benefits from Vicair’s renowned SmartCell technology – unique air cells providing superior pressure redistribution and individual positioning capabilities when used with our unique Flex 3 back system. Each compartment is filled with Vicair SmartCells and adapt to the individual’s body contours. The number of SmartCells in each compartment can be modified, resulting in customised pressure redistribution or to suit the positioning needs of the individual. With the help of several hundred of these small air-filled cells, Vicair gives the backs an optimal pressure distribution, support, and stability for many different user groups. The back cushion is easy to use and has one variety of exciting opportunities.

Key features:

SmartCell technology: renowned for optimal pressure redistribution and shear reduction

13 compartments: allowing SmartCell adjustments to suit individual pressure redistribution or positioning needs

Top compartments: support the shoulders whilst the compartment shape still allows for freedom of arm movement

Central compartment: for offloading the spinal column

Middle compartments: support of the lumbar and thoracic extention 

Side compartments: built in lateral cushioning with optional rigid inserts for additional positioning, comfort and stability

Bottom compartment: adjustable for sacral or lumbar support
• Easily to install: secured to the back board with hook and loop

3D mesh spacer cover: for extra comfort and microclimate control

Range of sizes: Standard sizes widely available with bespoke customisable sizes an option upon request.

Vicair Multifunctional O2 Flex back is often used together with a positioning and/or pressure-relieving seat cushion. The right seat and back cushion combination will ensure the most ergonomic sitting position and best comfort. Check out our air and foam cushion ranges for more information.

Vicair Smart Cells Technology
Vicair Smart Cells Technology

Superior pressure redistribution.

100% Machine Washable
100% Machine Washable

The SmartCells can be left inside the cushion for laundering - fully machine washable up to 60°C.

Flex3 solid back
Specifically designed for Flex 3 back system

For superior positioning capability and customisation when using Flex 3 back systems in Rea manual and Aviva power wheelchairs

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