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inspirational|MX1 BE01.jpg|Invacare Matrx Back
Discontinued product Discontinued product

Matrx MX1 Back comes with the latest innovation in back support technology that provides users with the best experience ever! The Invacare Matrx MX1 Back is designed for active individuals who demand peak performance without compromising aesthetic appeal. So, if you love style as well as functionality, the Invacare Matrx Back is exactly your match.  The back support technology combines superior positioning and function. The full range of hardware options ensures optimal adjustment, while the lightweight carbon fibre shell provides exceptional support and durability.

That’s not all, Matrx MX1 Back offers you more – its carbon fibre back shell is lightweight. This gives users value for their money, as it is exceptionally durable and aesthetically appealing. It is contoured to provide excellent stability to the hips and trunk, without restricting upper-body mobility. It is available in three height options, and with three hardware options to fit the back to a wheelchair. Below are some key features of the Invacare Matrx MX1 Back:

cover|MATRX ELITE TR BACK CV01.jpg|Invacare Matrx Elite cushion
cover|MATRX ELITE TR BACK CV01.jpg|Invacare Matrx Elite cushion
cover|MATRX ELITE TR BACK CV01.jpg|Invacare Matrx Elite cushion
  • Mono Mount: The Invacare Matrx MX1 Back features a mono mount that is fully angled adjustable; it attaches to the wheelchair rigidiser bar, making the height adjustable.
  • Cover: Features a breathable, attractive spacer mesh fabric. The cover and foam overlap the back shell for privacy protection and comfort.
  • Dual Mount:  Matrx MX1 Back attaches to wheelchair back canes. Depth and width adjustable.
  • Quick-release Dual Mount: It has a back cane mount hardware with quick release tabs. Depth and width adjustable
  • Privacy Flap: The Invacare Matrx Back comes with a discrete flap designed to cover the rear.

Carbon Fibre Back Shell: The Invacare Matrx MX1 Back features a very lightweight shell, with exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal.

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