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Invacare Corporation is the global leader in the home and long-term care medical equipment industries. Invacare’s products help people throughout the world live life better. Discover more about Invacare products and services available in your country. If you current location is not listed below, please contact us using this form.

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Manual wheelchair passive

Manual wheelchair passive

A‌ Family of Manual Wheelchairs for Passive Users

Invacare’s range of wheelchairs for passive users includes the REA‌ and the Action3 NG‌ Comfort. These devices care for users by offering optimal postural support that adapts to the body’s shape. 

Rea Clematis Pro E-Tilt

Rea Clematis Pro manual wheelchair

Clematis Pro is an entry level tilt in space wheelchair within Invacare’s Rea range. Renowned for its simple but reliable and durable design, it offers premium comfort and...

Rea Clematis Pro E-Tilt

Rea Clematis Pro E-Tilt manual wheelchair

Clematis Pro E-tilt is an entry level tilt in space wheelchair within Invacare’s Rea range. Unlike the manual configuration, this version with electric functionality is equipped...

Invacare Rea Azalea wheelchair

Rea Azalea manual wheelchair

Our Rea Azalea is the first choice for tilt-in-space wheelchairs, designed to manage all aspects of postural support and comfort.  The seating system is versatile with its wide...

Main - AZALMIN CV03 - Rea Azalea Minor

Rea Azalea Minor manual wheelchair

The Rea Azalea Minor manual wheelchair is designed for people who require a smaller seat depth and width and is ideal for those requiring a solid and stable tilt-in-space...

Rea Azalea Base manual wheelchair 3/4 angle view

Rea Azalea Base manual wheelchair

Rea Azalea Base is designed for people seeking a custom-made seat combined with a first-class wheelchair base. Developed to accommodate an alternative seating system with extra...

Rea Azalea Tall manual wheelchair

Rea Azalea Tall manual wheelchair

Unlike the “standard” Rea Azalea which can be too low for a taller person due to the weight shift, Rea Azalea Tall is specifically designed to meet the needs of tall people who...

Rea Azalea 3/4 angle view

Rea Azalea Max manual wheelchair

Rea has developed a range of models, each chair highly adjustable to provide a better fit for a wide range of individual’s needs. Rea Azalea Max was developed to meet the precise...

Rea Dahlia 45 3/4 angle view

Rea Dahlia 45 manual wheelchair

Invacare Rea Dahlia has it all - a versatile compact chair for people with changing needs and a slim, compact wheelbase wrapped up in a modern design. It incorporates an adjustable...

cover_main|DAHLIA job_15220.jpg|Manual wheelchair Invacare Rea Dahlia grey frame

Rea Dahlia 30 manual wheelchair

The Rea Dahlia comfort wheelchair is available with two seat tilt angles of 30° or 45°. The Dahlia 30° manual positioning chair has a very narrow frame, allowing it to be used in...

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To achieve this, Invacare has developed innovative high-tech systems built with air, fluid, foam, latex and other materials. Pressure care and comfort are therefore taken to another level and incorporated into mechanical and hydraulic beds, wheelchairs and other equipment, to optimise patient health, care and comfort.  

Countless different systems with myriad pressure release points

At Invacare, the solutions are as diverse as the patients themselves, with mattresses, wheelchair cushions, back support cushions and accessories for every possible scenario.  

While all Invacare pressure mattresses share the common trait of redistributing the pressure on the body, the company's solutions range from standard static mattresses to air mattresses and dynamic mattresses and overlays with special pumps and control panels. Hence, those at low risk of pressure ulcers may opt for simpler solutions such as the Essential range, featuring high quality foam, some specially cut to create differentiated points that move with shifts in the body weight and position. Those at greater risk may opt for the Vicair low-friction mattress, featuring differentiated triangular-shaped air-filled cells that redistribute the pressure as the patient settles or shifts his/ her weight over the mattress. Finally, those at very high risk of developing these abrasions may opt for any of the dynamic mattresses within the SoftCloud range.  

Invacare also offers a diverse range of wheelchair cushions and back support cushions. Among others, these include: the Matrx range, with flow-tech technology that combines fluid with foam for optimal skin protection and ergonomic contours for pelvic stability; the Aero-Tech, featuring individual interconnected air cells that propel the air freely through the cushion; the Propad cushion range, with deep-contoured profiled foam for pressure care and two-way stretch fabric that prevents shear; the Pro-Tech back range, for precise postural adjustments; and more. In a word, Invacare makes patient comfort and care the central focus of all its products.